About Us

We are a home lifestyle brand with an all-unique range of products that endeavour to fulfil the ever-growing need of cleaner air and water as we see today. With an experience of over 40 years in customer service, our mission seeks to give people access to a much cleaner and healthier world. Our products are built as solutions to the much serious environmental challenges at hand, that are growing at an unparalleled rate

At Oeir, we believe in bringing about a positive change in the quality of living by converting novel ideas into userfriendly technology that can reach every doorstep.. We work hard to create products that are a great combination of exceptional performance and technological innovation, so that the air and water you consume are as clean and pure as found in nature untouched by pollution.

Our Aim

We understand how essential it is now to have a purification system at every home which inspires us to build a product of remarkable quality at a reasonable cost. Out state-of-the-art products, fitted with the finest technology, are made available at sensible prices without compromising with their build, so that everyone can benefit from them

Our Belief

At Oeir, we firmly believe in giving our best effort when it comes to your well-being. We build our products with care because ultimately, they become a part of your home and take care of the air you breathe and the water you drink. Every Oeir product that is ever built is taken care of even after it is shipped because our consumers are at the receiving end of it.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver the cleanest air and water in the fastest time possible while ensuring that our products are safe and durable for your use. Our products are crafted in such a way that they fit seamlessly into your homes and consequently, make a healthy environment for you. Your experience matters most to us.

Our Vision

We envision to create a line of products as well as services that not only help in improving the quality of your life but are also convenient for you in the long run. A product is only great until it can be used effectively by consumers and this is the ideology we have built our products on.

In the current times when the pollution isn’t just limited to outdoors but is more concerning indoors where it’s two to five times more toxic. In such living conditions, an Oeir product can go a long way toward helping you live healthier.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

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90 Days Cashback
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Extended Warranty

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