The world we live in today has become a much harsher place than it was a few decades ago. The air quality of our cities have deteriorated to an extent that the air is unbreathable. In such a scenario where air pollution is the known cause of many life-threatening diseases, it has become critical to equip our homes and commercial spaces with air purifiers to save investing heavily in a medical emergency later.


Components of an Oeir air purifier


The pre-filter removes the contaminants of a large size, such as large dust particles, hair etc. It is much similar to the filter fitted in an air conditioner.

HEPA Filter

As the name suggests, the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter removes the contaminants on a microscopic level. A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of particulates with 0.3 microns in size or larger, with the help of a complex web of fibers. Depending on the size of the particles, it can be trapped in different ways in a HEPA filter.


An integral part of air purifier, the fan pulls the air in and forces it through the filters, thereby reducing the concentration of pollutants in your homes and offices.

Ozonizer (Ozone generator)

The ozonizer releases ozone molecules into the air which kill the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens present in the air apart from removing any odour.

Activated Carbon Filter

Laid out in a hexagonal pattern like a bee-hive, the activated carbon filter packs more activated carbon in the same space to filter the air more efficiently. The activated carbon here filters out the impurities and also helps reduce odour.

Multi-care Filter

After the air has been treated by all three filters, the Oeir air purifiers are fitted with an additional multi-care filter which removes the suspended particulate matter.


The ionizer helps to remove airborne particles by releasing negatively charged ions into the surrounding air to attract pollutant particles and stick to them thereby settling out of the air.

Electronic Precipitator

The electronic precipitator helps to purify the air by giving an electric charge to the pollutant particles after it draw the air in. These charged ions then stick to an oppositely charged plate and are removed from the air.

Why Oeir Air Purifier ?

  • Efficiency

    At Oeir, we have tested and tried our air purification process several times to give you a product that is designed to capture over 90% of pollutants in a single air exchange. Our products continue to work at a maximum efficiency between filter changes.

  • A higher air flow

    We have maintained a higher air flow in all of our air purifiers so that the impure air is transported to the filters at a higher rate and you get a cleaner air in almost no time.

  • Weight and portability

    Our wide range of air purifiers gives you the flexibility to choose from the products that suit you need. Where the big ones can be transported from room to room on casters, the compact ones can be picked up and carried anywhere

  • Quiet operation

    We like our products to not only assist you in a healthier living but also become a part of your homes and offices. Therefore, our air purifiers continue to clean the indoor air quietly without causing you any disturbance.

  • Remarkable quality

    Oeir air purifiers are assembled from the finest parts and undergo a series of evaluations to ensure you get the best quality product. At Oeir, we strive to make the best technology available at competitive prices.

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1 Year Warranty

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