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Oeir Uero

(RO + GA Carbon)

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    Another in the range of Oeir RO Dispensers, Uero purifier gives your home and commercial access to clean water by its immaculate five-steps filtration process. Its mineral addition process after various purification steps ensures you get pure water with balanced mineral content that also tastes well. 

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  • Stages of Purification
    • Pre membrane Filtration

      Inline Sediment filtration

      Inline Pre Activated Carbon filter

      Reverse Osmosis Membrane filtration

      Coconut Shell Post Carbon Filtration

  • Tank Capacity
    • 8 lts
  • Purification Capacity
    • 15 Lph
  • TDS Reduction
    • 90-95 %
  • Works Upto
    • 3500 TDS
    • One Year Warranty 
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