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    Oeir’s range of water purifiers is based on the leading Reverse Osmosis technology that has given homes and commercial spaces access to clean water. Equipped with pristine filtration and clean storage, our RO filters promise you cleanest water there is, to consume.


Components of an Oeir RO purifier

Sediment Filter

Removes all the minute dust particles and suspended solids.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Removes not only heavy metals and chemicals but also filters out water-borne parasites and pathogens.

Mineral Injector

comes into play after the water has been rid of all the impurities. It infuses the water with the specific amounts of essential minerals such as Mg, Na, K, Ca, and sulphates which are necessary for our body.

Ultra-Filtration Filter

removes any suspended solids that may remain in the water after reverse osmosis.

Granulated Activated Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds and partially removes insecticides and other chemicals.

Post Carbon Filter

Removes inorganic salts, partially heavy elements, and rids the water of bad taste.

Ultra-Violet Disinfection Column

uses UV radiation to disinfect water from disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoa thereby making it safe from microbiological threats.

Alkaline Cartridge

maintains the pH level of the water to ensure you don't consume acidic water. When the RO-filtered water touches the alkaline stones, the stones release essential minerals in water, regulating its pH and making the water alkaline which is great in neutralizing the acid in your blood and aids your body in absorbing nutrients more effectively.

Why Choose an Oeir RO Purifier ?

  • Easy to operate

    Keeping in mind your ease and comfort, we have built Oeir purifiers in such a way that they are simple to control and operate. Their water treatment process is fast, yet reliable.

  • Energy efficient

    Powered by energy efficient technology, an Oeir purifier treats your drinking water while only consuming minimal electricity.

  • Removal of ultra-fine particles

    The RO membrane of an Oeir water purifier is capable of removing many contaminants such as microfine dust particles, toxic antibodies, bacteria, cysts, and viruses, and microparticles of fluorides, lead, cadmium, iron, arsenic, iron, etc. which are known to cause serious health issues.

  • Design

    A great product is the combination of function and design and Oeir water purifiers are made keeping this in mind. An Oeir product is not only powerful enough to provide potable water but is also designed to be compact and appealing to blend in your homes and offices.

  • Preserves natural taste

    An Oeir purifier gives you much more than just purified water as it successfully maintains the natural pH, alkalinity, and mineral content of water.

  • Phenomenal quality

    Every Oeir RO purifier is made with high quality components and uses the latest technology present. At Oeir, we make our products available at a very competitive price because we firmly believe in making our products accessible to all.

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1 Year Warranty

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