Oeir’s Water Softeners convert the hard water into soft, enhancing the quality of water for your household and other uses. Hard water proves to be a menace when it comes to water usage apart from drinking purposes. It doesn’t lather easily with soap but gives a curd-like white scum which makes washing any material harder.


The Device

Oeir's water softener comes in a sleek design that fits snugly to your water source. Its cylindrical vessel easily loads hard water and its valve gives you great control. When the water enters the cylinder, the resin removes the hardness causing agents, thus conditioning your water.

The softener is easy and simple to install and doesn't take a lot of time to be fitted to your water source.

The Process

It works on the ion exchange technology where the cylindrical vessel contains a form of food-grade resin beads as the water softener. These microscopic beads flawlessly trap the excessive quantity of calcium and magnesium ions. Whenever the resin needs to be regenerated, you are notified by a display system so that you can remove the trapped impurities with hard water.

Why Oeir Water Softener ?

  • Healthy skin and hair

    Hard water causes long-lasting damage to your skin leaving you more prone to rashes, allergies, and skin infection. Moreover, it leaves your hair frizzy and brittle resulting in hair fall. In such a scenario, a good water softener works wonders for your body.

  • Abundant lathering

    Your bath and washing products such as shampoo, shower gels, and detergents are often not able to generously lather due to the hard water. But with the Oeir water softener, this problem is treated effortlessly.

  • Long lasting clothes

    Washing your clothes with hard water results in losing the colour and quality of the fabric. But with a water softener installed in your water source, your clothes are good as new for a long time.

  • Remarkable quality

    Every Oeir water softener is designed to last long and is tested for durability by our expert team of researchers and engineers to give you a water softening solution at a keen price, making it an ideal solution for all.

  • Low bills

    The non-electric Oeir water softeners help you to save up on your maintenance bills by keeping your appliances and pipes limescale free. Moreover, soft water results in quick heating of water, meaning that you reduce your electricity bill as well.

  • Safe to use

    Oeir water conditioners do not use any harmful chemical and its components are completely safe to be handled by anyone, thus making it an ideal fit for any establishment that uses water.

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1 Year Warranty

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